Note that we always have a nice selection of Native plants every day on the plant deck behind the Garden Shop.
The garden is open! Reservations are required to visit.
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NOTE: You do not have to make a reservation or pay the garden admission fee if you are coming into the garden just to shop for plants

Plant Availability*

Last updated March 6, 2023

Achillea millefolium - Yarrow -
Aesculus californicus - California Buckeye
Atriplex canescens - Chamiso
Ceanothus impressus 'Vandenberg'
Chlorogalum pomeridianum - Soap Plant
Claytonia sibirica
Dudleya sp.
Eriogonum grande var. rubescens - Red Buckwheat
Erythranthe guttata (syn: Mimulus) - Seep Monkeyflower
Festuca 'Siskiyou Blue'
Gambelia speciosa - Island Snapdragon
Geum macrophyllum
Heracleum maximum - Cow Parsniip
Hesperoyucca whipplei - Our Lord's Candle
Heteromeles arbutifolia - Toyon
Juncus Patens - California Gray Rush
Lonicera involucrata - Twinberry Honeysuckle
Malva assurgentiflora - Island Mallow
Physocarpus capitatus - Ninebark
Plantago subnuda - Coastal Plantain
Ribes malvaceum 'Dancing Tassels'
Salix spp. - Willow
Scrophularia californica - Bee Plant
Sisyrinchium bellum - Blue-eyed Grass
Sisyrinchium californicum - Yellow-eyed Grass
Tanacetum bipinnatum - Dune Tansy
> Vitis 'Roger's Red' - hybrid with non-native

*While we do our best to keep availability lists current, all plants are subject to prior sale.